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“If our clients don’t have correct and consistent data online, they have nothing.” - Marc Zdanow (founder, Social Wizard)

You find a place to eat online, you see on Google that its open another 3 hours so you get yourself together and go there. Sadly, when you arrive, they’re closed. BAD DATA! This business doesn’t have their online data right and you’re standing in front of a locked door wishing you could have that monster salad you dreamed about…

Consistent, organized and up-to-date information about a business is critical today. This is as important as your business description and logo. People need to be able to find you when you offer the goods and services they’re looking for. This is done by properly managing data about your business.

As Howard Lerman mentioned, being prepared with answers for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant is critical to connect with qualified business prospects. They need to find what they’re looking for RIGHT NOW and we manage that for you.

At Social Wizard we include the management of this data with all our Social Marketing packages. We’ve partnered with Yext to do this and offer the service bundled with all our other services. We’re looking at your entire online presence and maximizing the impact of both first contact and returning customers.

Data includes information about your business - the basic stuff - like where are you? How are you reached? When are you available? It also includes brands you sell, services you offer and a whole lot more about your brand to build that connection with new business.

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