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The Competition

In looking at the big picture of Social Marketing there is a lot to consider. One very important thing to do is to keep an eye on the “competition”. We put competition in quotes because we look at both direct and indirect competition.

Direct competition relates to other businesses going for the same potential business as you while indirect competition includes businesses that may not be going for the same targets as your business but are very similar. Both are worth watching as a research tool.

We look at competition in three places in contrast to our clients;

  1. Online data presence
  2. Facebook presence
  3. Instagram presence

When it comes to online data presence you can simply run a scan of your competition and see how your company compares, here is the link: Social Wizard Scan.

Facebook and Instagram competitive reporting is done by Social Wizard and delivered to you by email every week. When you see the reports, you see all your posts and images as well as the posts and images of your competition. You also see the results. Who had the best posts? What worked and what didn’t? These reports give you a great idea of how you’re doing in comparison to both direct and indirect competition. The information you get here is information you can act on.

I had to include another quote from Victor Kiam, “Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward”

“We welcome competition. There is a lot of potential business out there, we’re fine with earning it.”

- Marc Zdanow (founder, Social Wizard)

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