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What is Social Media?

Social Media is the web-based connection for communication and sharing content. When a brand or business is “on social media, it has the opportunity to represent itself to both existing and potential clients giving them the chance to understand who they are, what they think and what’s going on. This engagement is a relationship intended to make a connection that leads to increased business.

In the words of Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, “...the mistake firms make is using these channels to try and sell stuff”. While you can certainly advertise online & on social media, the purpose of social media itself is to be social, to connect & engage. Nobody is going to “follow” an endless stream of advertisements. The content has to inspire and ongoing interest.

Social Wizard clients look to maximize the benefit of social media.  Our first step is always to dive deep into the business and understand a few important things;

  1. How does the business see itself?
  2. Who is this business beyond the goods and services they offer?
  3. What is the story and history?
  4. What is the brand, branding and brand identity?
  5. Aside from sales, what are the goals? What does it mean to be a success?

Once we have this understanding, we can look at existing branding, online presence as well as their good & services. We look at how this business currently represents itself and how close that representation aligns to the answers of the questions above.

Social Media is only part of the online presence. At Social Wizard, we feel strongly that the online presence needs to be unified everywhere the business appears online. Not only does the data have to be consistent but also the branding and messaging.

“Social Media is like life; it’s a journey and our goal is to encourage people to come along for the ride.”

- Marc Zdanow (founder, Social Wizard)

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